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... for my bday lol

And I don't even think I'll get half the wishes I made ;w; !


  • Mood: Nervous
and I spent all day playing Dragon Age 2, <.> things go too fast.
I guess I won't have not even half of my wishes done, bleh.



I also 1 follower to 400 on tumblr, lol.
  • Mood: Jealous
(It's not a meme, omg who had that idea...)

So I decided to do those thingies, one of my friends wanted to <.<

Just FYI my character (Sjru) it's almost like me,... uh so...

1. What is your nickname
Well duh, Sjru lol

2. Why? =O

Because... long story lol.

3. How do you pronounce it?

(I swear I get asked that a lot)

Sh-ru or something like that...

4.  If you could live anywhere, where it would be?

Any first world country, duh <.<

5. If you could travel anywhere, where it would be?

To meet all my friendly friends, of course =D (What else...)

6.  Do you hate someone?

Nope! Might sound cliché but I believe in second chances always <3, someone might need to screw things up to become better, so I get that.
Bear in mind the best friends I have right now where the ones that we did screw up in the past, but we came together, and stronger than ever~

7. What you like to do with your friends the most?

And well, umm asking them lots of questions so I get to know them better~ and chatting and playing games c:

8. Who are your best friends?

Emm that's selfish, there are friends I talk often and those I don't, those I trust more and stuff, I can't name 'em, but every friend is special <3 even if they're bad to me.

9. Do you hold grudges?

Nope x3; might be hard to forget if someone is evil towards me, but I don't care much as long as they're nice right now~

10. What do you expect from your friends?

Well them being nice, know 'bout me (*cough* stalking me *cough*), talking to me =D

11. Do you like someone (In a love way)?

There's noone that (managed to) make me feel special sooo nooo, I wish lol. I haven't felt like that like, ever years?? eh. I'm kinda weird in any case...

12. Are you single or...

Uh lol single, likely for ever dunno <.< ...

13. So do you have any abilities or powers?

To make my friends smile~ maybeeee,  x3, and being cheerful =D (...)

14. Are you a mary sue?

Dun think so.

15. What's your eye color?

(IRL is brown btw)
Well blue, eh. *squee*

16.  How about hair color?
(IRL is light brown duh)

CYAN, = O ain't that fun fun?

17. Have you any family members?

Well dragonites are... sometimes lonely family wise, my parents are somewhere, I have to travel around making friends I guess x3

(IRL I live with my parents lol, everything's okay, no sudoku)

18. So you have pets?

Depends on what you mean by pet, I dun think so? Maybe? Dunno who follows me.

19. Tell me something you don't like

OMG those that don't respect me and just try to enforce me their "likings" upon me, and I'm like "eh... well no" it adds a instant level of disgust on my mind, that sticks....

20. What's the best way to win your heart?


Being nice and talk to me like I do? eh? I dunno lol... being a dragon too? not being a creep?.. I'm shy >o< uh...

21. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Making friends and see them smile =3 Of courseee~

22. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Kinda possibly someone got hurt without me realising, if so I'm sorry~.
But most of the time the one getting hurt is me >O< but I dun care much <3

23. Ever… killed anyone before?
I don't think that my poke-watch got there by itself...

24. What kind of dragon are you?
You could have asked that from the beginning >:C I'm a dergoniteeee, a dragonite sillyyy~

25.  Name your worst habits
Asking too much questions <.< and making other's to be pissed easily!

26.. Do you look up to anyone at all, like to see if they like you?


27. What is your orientation
*rolleyes* demisexual I guessssssss... (like grey asexual or something? eh), bleh.

28. Do you go to school?

Well I used to go to the poke-school :3 eh but I'm grown up! no? Life is fun!

29. So how old are you?

21! My hatchday is kinda sooooon~ ... oh

30. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

Oh yes >o< sounds fun! ! but I dun think I'll ever get to that, I'm too shy and I can't try on my own >o<

31. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

No?  Why would I?

32. What are you most afraid of?

Pokeballs! That's why I take my own measures to protect myself :3

33. What do you usually wear?

Dragonites don't wear anything o3o!!

34. What's one food that tempts you?

Berries =D, yum yum! delishush <.>

And no I dun' eat meat cuz I have some friends that keep me asking to eat them! (wth??? so creepy!) and ugh!! creepinesss <.< yeah...

35. How hard is to annoy you?

Oh veeery hard!! Tho outright stupidity and being an idiot do make me to not reply to you.

36. Do you have any weapons?

Well I have my tactical friendship cannon! Don't worry, it can't kill, just make friends =D
Also my pokymon moves, ehh cool isn't it~

37. What are your moves?

Dragon Dance (Yaaaaay), roost, Fire punch and outrage!
Cool stuff :3

38. So those headphones...

I love music<3 don't blame me! I also do DJ'ing on some poke-parteys sometimes X3! It's really fun, I might do music if I wanted !

39. Are you rich?

I have a dragon hoard! Some might say I am~, but where I am wealth is not that important, but being nice and having friends =D

(IRL I'm middle class, but where I live, so.)

40. How many friends do you have?

Well I consider everyone that I talk somewhat regularly a friend of mine. Of course they might not think the same but I doo think this way <3

41. What are your thoughts on pie?


42. Favorite drink?

Berry juice!

43. What's your favorite place?

In my mind~

44. Are you interested in anyone~?
Didn't you just ask that? oh lol...

I wish tho, I really wish <.<

45. That was a stupid question, sorry

Naw <3

46. Do you walk or fly more?

Well, I can use my wings whenever I please <3 (most of the time) I'd rather fly !

47. What's your type?


48. Any fetishes?

No, ew. (Do being nice counts tho? =O)

49. Do you like giving or receiving attention?

I loooove to give attention to my friends ^w^ making them smile =D
Dunno what you mean otherwise hah.

50. Do you want more questions?

Well, duh, just ask me lol! It's never enough <3
the more you know me, the better :3
  • Mood: Lazy

Journal History

... for my bday lol

And I don't even think I'll get half the wishes I made ;w; !


  • Mood: Nervous


Sjru's Profile Picture
Posadas, Misiones
21 / ♂ / Single & looking

Herro ther! I'm Sjru~ prolly' you already knew that x3.

I'm a dergonite that works in an anti-fraud organization named SteamRep and I own a big brony group on Steam, so I'm often there!

Also I'm really shy to start chats and stuff but I really love to make new friends and help others <3 (Too bad I don't haz that special one, lol!)
I love questions and stuff, so if you want don't hesitate into asking me stuff! = D

Or just go to my tumblr or!
I also have twitter, follow me ♥


Hope you have a great day =3

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